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Joe Multiboxer requires requires a Gaming Tools Pro subscription from ($50/yr)

Frequently asked questions

Why is it called Joe Multiboxer?

This was a planned name for easy to use multiboxing software for a while. The average Joe can multibox with Joe Multiboxer.

Will it have Video FX? Window Layouts? etc?

Video FX will be available non-interactive (i.e. without sending input to the VFX source window).

When will Joe Multiboxer be available?

As soon as possible. Work is in progress. Initial versions should be available without all the fancy features by next week.

Do we have to pay again/more/differently to use Joe Multiboxer?

No. The Lavishsoft Gaming Tools Pro subscription covers all Lavishsoft products.

Can we set hotkeys to quickly switch windows? Can we use "Focus Follows Mouse"?

Yes. These features do not involve sending input to the game.

Can I send keys to other windows? Can I set up one hotkey that sends to other windows one at a time?

No. This involves sending input to the game

But if it's "just one window" isn't that "not input broadcasting"? So I can send a key to one other window maybe? Maybe even through a Video FX view?

There will be no splitting hairs here. Joe Multiboxer just does "not send inputs to the game"

What will we do about key mapping then?

We may provide our own key mapping software, which would map keys for whatever window is currently active -- the same way gaming keyboard/mouse software from companies like Logitech, Corsair, and Steel Series generally do. This type of feature does not need to be in Joe Multiboxer itself.

Will there be videos for Joe Multiboxer?

Yes. We have a video guy. His name is MiRai