Joe Multiboxer is fast and easy to use -- an average Joe can multibox with Joe Multiboxer!

Joe Multiboxer is programmable multiboxing software, with a system for addons (called Agents -- it works because your agent does it for you) that works similar to WoW Addons -- drop in a folder, and off we go..

Basic Core Agents
Launch your JMB multiboxing adventure with these starter agents featuring Basic Round-Robin, Focus Follows Mouse, Easily hilight the active window. Also Basic Performance allows you to control game performance tuned for your preference!
No Input Broadcasting
Joe Multiboxer does not send inputs to the game. Input hooks can be added to swap windows when keys are released after you press them via JMB Input Hook Example Agent
Window Management
Starter window layouts featuring swapping hotkeys and configuration, next window, fullscreen toggle, via Basic Window Layout.

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Joe Multiboxer requires requires a Gaming Tools Pro subscription from ($50/yr)