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WinEQ 2022 is a Joe Multiboxer agent implementation of WinEQ 2, for multiboxing EverQuest.

Work is in progress!


WinEQ 2022, an agent for Joe Multiboxer, is now available for testing via Here's a direct link to the download!

WinEQ 2022 can import your WinEQ 2 settings and manage launching and switching between EverQuest 1 windows! Some of the features have not been fully implemented yet, but the basics are all in!

WinEQ 2022 is open source! While Joe Multiboxer itself is not open source, agents are! Anyone with a little tech savvy can make changes, implement new features, and even share with others.

  • Tip: The Basic Core Agents are typically recommended with Joe Multiboxer. However, all you need to install is WinEQ 2022. Any other agent you install will make it do things you aren't used to happening, including dynamic Window Layouts (Basic Window Layout) or putting numbers on windows (Basic Highlighter) and so on. :)

Getting Started

  1. Install Joe Multiboxer. Requires a Lavish Software subscription! If you're already subscribed for WinEQ 2 Pro, there is no additional purchase required.
  2. Launch Joe Multiboxer
  3. Open the main Joe Multiboxer window, e.g. by double clicking the system tray icon usually by the clock (check hidden icons!)
  4. Install WinEQ 2022 from the Suggested Agents window, just select WinEQ 2022 and click Install Now
  5. Click to Import WinEQ 2 Settings the first time you use WinEQ 2022!
  6. Launch EverQuest! You can use the WinEQ 2022 menu under the JMB right click menu, or the main WinEQ 2022 window within Joe Multiboxer.

Install WinEQ 2022 from the Suggested Agents window, just select WinEQ 2022 and click Install Now

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • WinEQ 2 had a feature to _________. Will this be available with WinEQ 2022?
    • Yes! All features provided by WinEQ 2 will be available with WinEQ 2022! We are working fast :)

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Recent Release
Published at: 2022-03-03 02:33:12
Created at: 2022-03-03 02:30:33
Release Notes
  • JMB's Game and Game Profile no longer used for launching, instead directly using the path, executable and parameters