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Basic Core is an Agent for Lavish Software's Joe Multiboxer. Previously a collection of Agents, this new version has been recreated into a cohesive standard, with a new configuration window.


Basic Core provides a simple, standard feature set for multiboxing with Joe Multiboxer, including...

  • Launch Profiles that identify a game to launch, and Virtual Files for the game, and a simple Launch button
  • Performance and FPS settings to optimize performance across your game windows
  • Highlighting options help identify game windows, including highlighting the active window when swapping is disabled
  • Window Layouts either dynamically place your windows in a standard lineup, or use your own custom layout
  • Window Switching Hotkeys to easily rotate between windows, or pull up specific windows

Installing Basic Core

The simplest way to install and get started with Basic Core is via Joe Multiboxer's Agent Suggestions window, which pops up when you launch Joe Multiboxer, if no Agents are installed.

The Basic Core version number will be shown in the title of the Basic Core window, found in the main JMB window. If a newer version of Basic Core is ready for download, an Install Latest Basic Core! button will be shown at the top of the window.

Your first time launching

Basic Core is simple to configure, and includes default settings. The easiest way to get started is simply to use Add Game from Joe Multiboxer's right-click menu, which adds your game to JMB, and will then automatically show up as a Launch Profile in Basic Core.

From there, the Launcher tab in the Basic Core window (found in the main JMB window) can be used to select a Launch Profile, and click the Launch! button.

Launching Game Clients

When launching game clients, Joe Multiboxer supports rapid launching. The Launch! button may be clicked many times in rapid succession to simultaneously launch multiple game clients. This is in contrast to ISBoxer, which requires a slower paced launch.

Launching Game Launchers

When launching a game launcher, as opposed to launching a game client directly, you will want to use the launcher to launch the game, and then exit the launcher. You may click Launch! again once the previous game launcher has exited, to launch the next JMB window.

  • Tip: Each process launched by the Launch! button is placed in its own partially sandboxed Slot along with any processes it, in turn, launches. This means that an instance of a Game Launcher launched by JMB should not be used to launch more than one character.

  • Note: Some games require the launcher to stay open (such as many Steam games); in these cases, the game launcher itself must allow multiple instances. Otherwise, additional work will be needed to sandbox the launcher for the Slot.

Your first gameplay

With the default settings, your first gameplay with more than one window will use a horizontal Window Layout style, with swapping occurring when clicking or activating a window via hotkey. Rotate forward through game windows with Ctrl+Alt+X or backward with Ctrl+Alt+Z. Each window can be called up individually by Ctrl+Alt+1 or Ctrl+Alt+2 and so on, depending on the window number.

There's more?

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Published at: 2022-04-04 06:31:16
Created at: 2022-04-04 02:31:34
Release Notes
  • First release of Basic Core, a unified replacement for the Basic Core Agents