JMB-Basic-Core-Agents Official

Joe Multiboxer: Basic Core Agents


  1. Download the latest Basic Core Agents:
  2. Extract the folders from the ZIP into your Joe Multiboxer\Agents folder
    • You can choose not to install any of the Agents that you do not want to use.

Some installed Basic Core Agents


  • Basic Launcher: Simple. Tell it how many of which game to launch, and click Launch
  • Basic Window Layout: Now with configuration! Automatically provides the basic, iconic Window Layout (small windows at bottom).
    • Toggle Swap on Activate: Shift+Ctrl+Alt+A
    • Toggle Focus Follows Mouse: Shift+Ctrl+Alt+M
    • Make current window fullscreen: Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F
    • Apply Window Layout from current window: Shift+Ctrl+Alt+W
    • Next Window: Shift+Ctrl+Alt+X
    • Previous Window: Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Z
    • Configure in the file Joe Multiboxer\Agents\Basic Window Layout\bwl.Settings.json
  • Basic Global Hotkeys: Configurable global hotkeys for window switching -- one for each window, defaulting to Ctrl+Alt+1 through Ctrl+Alt+=.
    • Previous Window: Ctrl+Alt+X
    • Next Window: Ctrl+Alt+Z
    • Configure in the file Joe Multiboxer\Agents\Basic Global Hotkeys\bgh.Settings.json
    • Note: if you use an Alt Gr key for typing, the default settings for Basic Global Hotkeys may interfere with your typing @ and other characters; you may want to change it to Shift+Alt+1, etc. Or, just not use this agent :)
  • Basic Round-Robin: When Round-Robin mode is enabled, the next window will be activated after the you press and release a key in the game.
    • Toggle Round-Robin mode: F12
  • Basic Performance: Currently no configuration. Applies 60fps foreground, 30fps background, and "all windows use all cores" CPU strategy.
  • Basic Highlighter: Highlights the focused window, and places Slot numbers in the corner of non-focused windows

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Recent Release
Published at: 2020-12-07 01:43:17
Created at: 2020-12-07 01:37:51
Release Notes
  • Fixed an issue where the number of slots to launch was not updating correctly when clicking Launch